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- process control, cost reduction and water conservation


Natural or manmade fresh water lakes represents an invaluable source of drinking water. In order to be cost effective, and get the most from this important resource, water treatment plant operators needs to have all ( 7 ) seven stages in control. Process control is the first step for process imnprovement and cost reduction, there is no other way!

However, historically, engineering firms has put great emphasis on :

2. coagulation, 3. floculation, 4. sedimentation,

5. filtration, 6. disinfection and 7. distribution.

Please note, where is the 1. first stage? Is possible to have a process in control while leaving one stage out of the scenario? Definetly NO!

Reliable process control, starts with reliable monitoring tools.

We can provide sensors, instruments, software, and data collection platforms for water quality monitoring and testing including natural and manmade lakes,dams and reservoirs.