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- process control, cost reduction and water conservation


Once you have decided on your prefered method of disinfection,

now is time to select an accurate ( < 1.0 %) easy to operate,

reagents free, robust monitoring and contol technology option.

Better if the sensor is self cleaning and fully complies or exceeds

EPA method 334 requirements.

Introducing Dr. A. Kuntze Instruments

Automatic sensor cleaning

The cleaning works electrochemically by electrolysis of water:

H2O – O2 and H2.

The electrochemical cleaning acts threefold: The generated gases hydrogen and oxygen blast away even persistent coatings. Additionally oxygen oxidizes organic compounds and hydrogen reduces rust and manganese oxide and likewise destroys organic coatings. The produced gas volumes are small and unused gas molecules recombine automatically to the water they stem from.

The cleaning is activated in the menu of the measuring and control instrument. The starting time of cleaning is defined by the user. The cleaning cycle lasts approx. 20 seconds.

The measuring value is locked for five minutes, in the display, in the output signal, and also for the controller, to give the electrode time to polarize. The cleaning can be set to 0/1/2 times per day.

The cleaning process aims at keeping the sensor clean from the beginning. It was not meant to clean already coated sensors, since with those sensors the signals will be higher after cleaning making a recalibration necessary.