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- process control, cost reduction and water conservation


Accell® is a nontoxic formulation using P-SS™ (Protein-Surfactant Synergists™) technology that speeds the uptake and metabolism of nutrient (treated waste products) by the bacteria existing in the system. Accell®, when added to the influent of the aeration tank in an activated sludge treatment plant will provide the following benefits:

  • Reduction in amount of activated sludge produced (30% - 50%)
  • Reduction in Aeration Power Costs (25% - 50%)
  • Increase in Throughput in Aeration Tank (20% - 40%)

Accell® is normally added at a rate of 3 parts per million to 19 parts per million, depending on the influent biological oxygen demand. Accell® is added at a constant rate using a peristaltic pump. The average daily flow to the system is normally used to determine the Accell® feed rate.