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- process control, cost reduction and water conservation


Chillers and cooling towers are the single largest energy-using component in most facilities, and can typically consume over 50% of the electrical usage. With over 100,000 chillers in the United States alone, inefficiency costs industry billions of dollars in energy annually.

HVAC running inefficiently also result in decreased equipment reliability, increased maintenance intervals and shortened lifespan. The slightest decrease in chiller performance can have a major impact on efficiency.

For instance, every 1°F increase in condenser water temperature above full load design can decrease chiller efficiency by 1% to 2%. A failing or neglected water treatment program can reduce efficiency 10% to 25% or more in extreme cases.

Achieving and maintaining full chiller/condenser capacity means that there will be a continuing return in the form of savings in energy and water. 

 Only 5.28% of the blowdown water, the system will pay for itself !